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Yal Ku lagoon
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Akumal, Akumal, México - Yal Ku lagoon Map

The site is quite different from other lagoons. When you enter to this paradise the first thing that you'll notice is the art work. Many areas in the jungle are dotted with both traditional and contemporary statues.

There is no beach, nor are there any changing rooms. A small restroom is the only amenity.

The Yal Ku lagoon has fresh & salt water that comes from underground springs from the Caribbean Sea, hampered by the different temperatures.

Some pieces are in the jungle like setting that take one to the shore-line while other pieces are out among the small islands. This is an extremely peaceful and picturesque setting. There were but a handful of people there the day we spent a few hours exploring the lagoon.

When you snorkel in the Yal Ku lagoon you'll be delighted hundreds of colorful fish. Incredible species can be observed in depths no greater than six feet with little or no waves at all. Many rock formations in the lagoon create a fascinating underwater spectacle . A special ecosystem for the exotic marine creatures which you can see perfectly while snorkeling, You can simply float on the surface or dive underwater to see them. Several species of tropical fish spend some time here before they reach the proper size and maturity.

Admire the starfish and urchins, damselfish, sergeant majors, hamlets, parrotfish, blue tangs and queen triggerfish, among other Caribbean species.