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Whale Shark Encounter
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Holbox, México - Whale Shark Encounter Map

Explore the beautiful Caribbean Sea for a once in a lifetime chance to get up close and personal with the exotic, enormous whale shark. Despite being the largest “fish” in the world, this gentle giant is completely harmless, inviting you to swim alongside.

Travel along the Yucatan coast near Contoy Island, one of the most beautiful regions in the Peninsula and marvel at the spectacle the marine has to offer. According to scientists working in the area, Holbox and Contoy have the highest concentration of whale sharks in the world.

Whale sharks are the largest fish in the ocean, routinely weighing 20 tons and roughly the size of a school bus. The largest ever recorded was 40 feet long, and even larger whale sharks might be out there. Anything in the ocean bigger than these giants is a true whale, and therefore a marine mammal rather than a fish.

Whale sharks follow a migratory course in search of the plankton, fish eggs and small fish upon which they feed. This course brings them into the area north of Contoy and Holbox Islands, roughly 45 minutes by boat from Cancun, every year between June and September.