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Rio Lagartos
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Río Lagartos, México - Rio Lagartos Map

Located almost at the end of the enchanting coastline, Rio Lagartos embraces the ports of El Cuyo and las Coloradas. Conserving the eminently natural character of the area, you can visit these protected natural reserves, where sweet rain water comes together with salty sea water to create this unique plant and animal habitat. White-tailed deer, alligators and pheasant are the delight of nature watchers. Rio Lagartos is especially a home of flamingo colonies, more than 300 different bird species, 50 mammals and about 100 reptilian species.

Without a doubt, the natural beauty and magic of Yucatán will captivate you, as you get back to nature with a gift for the eyes and the heart. Rio Lagartos is another ideal spot for ecotourism. It has hotel and seafood restaurant services as well as boat trips.