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Komchén Bird Sanctuary
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Libramiento Dzemul-Xtampu KM 1.5, Mérida, México - Komchén Bird Sanctuary Map

Komchén Bird Sanctuary is a private non-profit organization established in an Hacienda Henequenera in the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico, which provides facilities for the practice of ecoturism.

Its mission is to sustainable develop and conserve a nature reserve and at the same time improve the living conditions of local people.

The visitors will have the opportunity to explore the region, discover its countless natural and cultural attractions and meet the modern-day Maya.

The Sanctuary is a large ranch which formally produced the plant fibre, sisal and consists of 340 hectares of tropical dry forest which is home to an enormous diversity of plant and animal life.

There are many mammals including the feline predator Margay, small forest deer, fox anteater, raccoon and also several species of reptiles. There are abundant species of butterflies and of course, a prolific variety of birds, such as the hummingbird, owl, heron, cardinal, tanager, flamenco, motmot and other rare tropical birdlife as well as migrating birds passing through.

Because of this rich birdlife, Komchén has been declared an association for the study and protection of birds.

There are bicycles for riding along the trails through lush tropical vegetation.

Visitors accommodation is arranged in huts or palapas built in the Mayan tradition, with stone walls. These were formally used by the workers on the ranch. There are comfortable and cool Mayan hammocks but for those who prefer, there are also simple beds available.