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Coastal road Tulum- Boca Paila- Punta Allen Km 15.8, Tulum, Mexico - Visit Sian Ka’an Map

We give you the warmest welcome to “Visit Sian Ka’an”, a small responsible tour company that offers low impact ecotourism activities including fly fishing into the lagoons and coastal wetlands of Sian Ka’an the most beautiful natural treasure of the Yucatan and the most important protected coastal area in Mexico, which is only located 2 hours south of Cancun.

A place that counts to have an incomparable natural beauty and an immense richness in flora and fauna, due to those unique characteristics in biodiversity and its cultural treasures it was in December 1987 declared as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.

We designed our tours for travelers who have a special respect for the environment and nature, who are interested in seeing various tropical birds and exotic plants as well as learning about conservation efforts and are keen on learning about the ancient Mayan history and culture.

Our guides are natives from the area; they are trained in local history and culture and have a lifetime of experience. Committed to offering you the most intriguing and informative tour, our guides possess a sincere respect for the environment, animal life and the natural wonder that make Sian Ka’an, the amazing place that it is. Our boats are local made fiber glass 23 ft "pangas", with an ecological Yamaha 50 HP outboard motor. Boats are well suited with a removable roof for those very sunny days and full safety equipment requested by maritime and ecologist authorities.

Our tours leave with 1 or 2 couples or a family of up to 6 people per boat. We strive to give our clients the most intense and personal experience by offering our tours to small groups at a time. We have made the experience offering a private tour to our clients is the best way our visitors enjoy themselves the most and always leave happy and satisfied. This is the best compliment to us.

Now, Come and join us on a family friendly trip to this piece of paradise, which the Mayans originally have given the name “Gift from Heaven”.