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Dolphin Discovery Isla Mujeres.
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Isla Mujeres, MĂ©xico - Dolphin Discovery Isla Mujeres. Map

Dolphin Discovery is located in the privileged paradise of Isla Mujeres.

Where is Isla Mujeres? This beautiful island is in the Mexican Caribbean only 20 minutes on boat from Marina Aquatours, in the Hotel Zone of Cancun, Mexico. Our location consists of a 10,000m2 ocean area, framed by a wide extension of turquoise waters. In few words, it is a place taken from a dream to make your swim with dolphins experience as perfect as you ever imagined and the ideal Isla Mujeres trip.

Like many places in the area, Isla Mujeres is not only beautiful, but culturally and historically rich. In the pre-Hispanic era, the island was sanctified to the Mayan goddess of love and fertility, Ixchel. The Mayans left their offerings in the shape of a woman on the island beaches. When the Spanish arrived in 1517, they saw the figurines and named the island, the Island of Women. As you learn more about Cancun, you will discover the Mayan influence on the culture. After your dolphin interactive program, explore the beautiful island of Ixchel, wrapping up a perfect Isla Mujeres trip.

In addition to our distinctive swim with dolphins programs, you will have the opportunity to discover unique experiences with sharks, rays, and plenty of other sea life. You can rest on comfortable lounge chairs, taste delicious, traditional Mexican dishes and refreshing, cool beverages—everything that we love about Cancun. After your dolphin interaction, venture on your own and explore the beautiful Isla Mujeres with its quaint and relaxed atmosphere.