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Dolphin Discovery Cozumel
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Cozumel, México - Dolphin Discovery Cozumel Map

Cozumel, Mexico’s most famous island is surrounded by the blue turquoise water of the Caribbean Sea, offering its visitors an undeniable beauty and plenty of Cozumel tours to explore this piece of paradise on Earth.

The Island of Cozumel is famous for its importance as a cruise ship port and diving in Cozumel opportunities for the adventurous traveler. One of the many things to do in Cozumel is to swim with dolphins in their natural habitat. Being able to enter their beautiful world and interact with them in this manner is just one of the many things we love about Cozumel.

The Dolphin Discovery Cozumel facilities and your exciting day with us are located inside Chankanaab National Park. This Cozumel park is a beautiful conservation area located in the heart of the island and was created to protect the incredible fauna and flora species of Cozumel.

Chankanaab also protects the world-renowned coral reefs, which have made dives in Cozumel so famous. Our participants and their companions are free to stay in Dolphin Discovery facilities to unwind, relax, enjoy good food and chilled beverages, snorkel the reefs, watch a fun sea lion show and participate in other activities in Chankanaab. While you’re here, go out and explore the island on your own and discover all the things there is to do in Cozumel.