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Delphinus Xcaret
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Playa del Carmen, México - Delphinus Xcaret Map

Xcaret is located on kilometer 282 of the tourist corridor of the Mayan Riviera, which runs from Cancun to the Sian Kaa´an Reserve. Placed inside the Xcaret Eco Park and surrounded by its extraordinary natural scenery, Delphinus Xcaret is a world reference on qualified operation and planning of dolphinariums by achieving a Guinness Record.

Xcaret's main attractions are: the subterranean river (most seen), coves, the aquarium, a butterfly garden, archaeological structures, exuberant nature and, of course, a multiple spectrum of activities to be performed, including our swim with dolphins program.

Another very emblematic topic of Xcaret is the representation of Mexican popular culture, reflecting with creativity the cultural richness of Mexico.
The provision of space and care of every detail at Xcaret have enabled us to develop innovative and high quality dolphin swim programs as the Delphinus Interax program, in which you will enjoy quality time with the dolphin as they get close to you and allow you to pet them, creating unforgettable memories. And another incredible program, Delphinus Primax, were you can experience the Foot Push activity, where dolphins will propel you with all their strength and push you thru the water! Our dolphinarium and its entire team of professionals hold the Guinness World Record for their successful work on a dolphin breeding program, by achieving the greatest number of pups born in a year (11 pups), reaching a 100% survival rate.