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5th Avenue and 22th Street, Playa del Carmen, México - Yaxche Map

Yaxche (pronounced Jag-shey) Maya Cuisine Restaurant in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, serves Maya cuisine in a unique style. Dining at Yaxche will take you into the world of the Maya - the very walls are inspired by Maya temples and the food by the flavors of the region.

The restaurant's owner, Ramón Alberto Lizaola, gained a strong affinity for the Maya from his grandfather. He dreamed of introducing people to the Maya through their cuisine. Yaxche Maya Cuisine Restaurant is the fulfillment of the that dream.
Yaxche Maya Cuisine Restaurant has recently been remodeled and expanded. The kitchen has doubled in size and is open so you can see our chefs at work. The renovated main dining room has air conditioning now. Outside, our new garden dining area is a wonderful place for a quiet lunch or romantic dinner. The fountains, frescos and facade echo work at the Tulum ruins.

Come for lunch or dinner, or have an agua de chaya at the new bar.
The restaurant is available for special events like weddings, conferences, and private parties. The restaurant staff can also plan surprises for birthdays, engagements, anniversaries, or other special occasions.