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5TH Avenue with calle corazon / 12, Playa del Carmen, México - Sur Map

Walking around Playa del Carmen, make sure not to miss the intersection that differs from all others: 5th avenue at Calle Corazón.
Honoring its name, this lane houses a wide variety of cozy shops and boutiques. Almost Parisian in appearance and framed by the shiny green flares of its lush vegetation, this “calle” unique in town, takes you to a romance with good taste.

The city noises and the tropical paradise meet here, at one of those places where cuisine, ambience and service are exceptional. This place is called “SUR”.

Maybe you’ve seen it from outside, but sitting and enjoying its international cuisine is an experience you won’t want to miss and you will never forget.
The diverse and extensive menu includes a wide selection of prime meat cuts and grilled sea food.
SUR understands and masters the importance of every step in creating fine cuisine. It seems that the chef personalizes each dish as if he knew each customer’s taste.
All dishes are cooked and presented to perfection, making sure the most intricate flavor is enhanced. Your taste buds will be screaming for more.

SUR’s bar offers a strategical view point from where you can contemplate the floods of passers by, tourists and locals alike who, day in day out, wander through both these main arteries of town. Their extensive selection of wines, liqueurs, spirits and champagnes will surprise you.
The delicious desserts come in as a great finale, bringing that smile to your face that only happens after a truly unforgettable gastronomic experience.