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La Gran Mosca Verde
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C. Venus 4 Mza. 33 Lt. 19 Col. Centro, Tulum, México - La Gran Mosca Verde Map

NOW this is just sort of cool and refreshing, can be the expression that describe La Gran Mosca Verde In the town of Tulúm, is this Tapas bar, where you could find great music, movies, art, and full blast with your first bite of a dish.

This amazing place have friendly people, an unique energy. You feel in a different place when your in it, the bar is a surreal dream, you could see it in the art around it, a unique design of the Oaxaca Art craft “alebrijes” is the inspiration of the bar where you could sit in a lounge area free of smoke and A.C.

The Menu is made for all type of appetizers, the taste for example of the Octopus has a combination with Mediterranean and Mexican flavors, also the chicken with nuts, that creamy taste with some chill pepper makes you want to keep tasting, all this creative menu with a great selection of wine or the amazing cocktails and exceptionally Mojito. Is a pleasure you just don’t want to miss.