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Av. Satelite, Tulum, México - Azafran Map

After years of visiting Tulum Mexico and wishing for better meal options I happened upon Azafran.The menu and quality of food served here is really high quality and fine, but without the snooty environment. The atmosphere was so laid back and the crowd of customers seemed so diverse, from all walks of life and different regions of the world.

I went for the well known breakfast they serve there and was far from disappointed. Not only did I get delicious food at a good price, but the presentation of the food was so beautiful I almost didn't want to eat it.

The chef is a German chef with years of experience from what I hear. You can tell. I had the Hangover breakfast and it was incredible. The breads and bagels are all fresh baked and delicious. Overall everything was delightful about my experience at Azafran.

The co-owner was serving tables and had such an accommodating and easy going personality, she helped make us feel so at home.

I highly suggest passing through Azafran as much as possible while in Tulum