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Hotels Zone, Tulum, México - OceanProKite Map

OceanProKite is an ongoing project without any specific marketing or corporate goals. It is a consecration of many years of practicing this amazing extreme sport, fueled by a desire to share and open to others an opportunity for the same discovery i made for myself in 2000..

Throughout my youth, my family´s summer vacations have always been about sailing or windsurfing, with my parents sharing their love for the ocean. In 2000, after reading an article about a new sport called ´flysurfing´ (aka kitesurfing or kiteboarding today) I became curious about how flying above, cruising and surfing the ocean waves could possibly be combined in one single sport. I didn´t hesitate much and immediately began my kiteboarding adventure, which I still consider to be one of the best life choices i ever made. In addition to the adrenaline and just sheer rush of jumping and riding the ocean, which you would expect from an extreme water sport like this, i also found myself completely guided by the sport´s spirit... And the addiction began. My weekends and vacations from that point forward became about kite travels that ended up taking me all over the place - Holland, France, Greece, Spain, Morocco, Martinique Island, etc. Kiteboarding also gave me many oportunities to face unbelievable encounters, to discover cultures I would have never known otherwise, to taste the most original food in the atmosphere of its origin, to share the most intense and authentic moments with the most unexpected people, and to create strong bonds with friends and strangers.