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Captain Rick`s Sport Fishing
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Located past the Omni Hotel, Puerto Aventuras , México - Captain Rick`s Sport Fishing Map

The Yucatan Peninsula offers unbeatable vacation options and the fishing waters are famous worldwide! Peak fishing season runs from early March through early July when Sailfish and Marlin are migrating through the canal. During these months the Puerto Aventuras marina fills up with yachts from several states and countries with one thing in mind- SAILFISH! What this means is multiple shots at sailfish per day (15 - 20 is not at all unusual.)

Every year there are double digit grand slams (a sailfish, white and blue marlin in one day) and sometimes there are double grand slams (two slams in one day) and super grand slams (add a swordfish.) Other abundant fish are: wahoo, dorado, tuna, kingfish, and barracuda. Best of all - we set our baits right as we exit the marina! No travel time. We have caught sails so close we have released them in the marina.

Capt. Rick's Sportsfishing has many boats available from a 53' Hatteras to a 23' Sea Craft. The captains are English speaking and have at least 10 years experience fishing these grounds. All the fishing is done trolling dead baits using 20 to 30 lb. Shimano or Penn gear. Many of our boats also have a fighting chair.. Two of our Captains are also experts at fly fishing, in which case you must provide your own gear. Of course, all billfish are released.