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Sunrise Divers
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Carretera costera sur Km. 8.5 s/n, cozumel, México - Sunrise Divers Map

Diving with us it’s like diving with your friends. For Us it is not a job. It’s a lifestyle and a way to get connected with nature, with the origin of life: THE SEA.

Our first commandment is your comfort and safety. We pay special attention to safety, because it’s our way of working. We take care of every single detail, to give you a high quality service.

We are a family of Cozumel-born divers. We were born, grew up and lived by and for the sea. For all of our live we have been taught the goods and wonders of the sea, as well as it’s dangers and mysteries; all with a great respect towards it.

As an additional activity to our regular duties, we started diving at an eartly age. In time, we saw the opportunity to invest in this business and grow, grow by infecting our passion for diving to our customers.

Every one of us is a certified PADI diver, specialty instructor, rescue divers, dive master. We are very fluent in English and take special care in our attitude towards service.

We have motorboats that seat 8 divers, captains and a supporting dive masters. We also count with an ample amount of diving equipment, that we can put at your service.