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Cenote Vaca Ha
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From the intersection of Highway 307 and the Coba Road, drive inland (northwest) 7.3 kilometers, Tulum, México - Cenote Vaca Ha Map

Permanent line begins at ladder, No primary reel necessary. From small room you negotiate 25 feet/7.6 meters of small passageway, It opens into a huge hallway, First 600 feet is decorated with numerous columns and speleothems, Suddenly changes into a phreatic fracture passageway and remains this way for 800 feet/242 meters

EASY, Short walk to a tiny pool of water at the edge of a grass reed
swamp with wooden ladder installed, Once used as a water well for cattle, Entry is one at a time for a team of divers, Drops 8 feet/2.4 meters into small room