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Cenote Pet Cemetery
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Carr. Tulum-Puerto Juarez Km. 13, Tulum, México - Cenote Pet Cemetery Map

With maximum 6 meter it's quite a shallow dive site. The bottom is made up by soft sediment and reminds one of a dunes landscape. The entire dive is very dark and there is a good chance to see the cave blind fish. Most of the time there is a direct ascent to the surface possible and that makes Pet Cemetery a worthwhile destination as well for snorkeling.

Pet Cemetery was given its name by the cave diving explorers who first discovered it because of the various animal skeletons found in the cenote and you can still see the lower jawbone of a tapir as well as the fossilized remains of an extinct prehistoric camel.

It is a very beautiful cenote in a natural unspoiled jungle setting. If you are lucky you may well see Spider monkeys in the surrounding jungle canopy.

Pet Cemetery is very shallow for the most part with average depths of only 3m/10ft and is probably the most decorate cavern of all which means that you have to have excellent buoyancy skills and awareness to avoid damaging any of the very fragile formations.

The dive winds around the Cavern zone past a solution chimney entrance with a platform that is used by snorkel groups. You are never far from an air surface although it can be quite dark in places as there is not much ambient light penetration. Offsetting this is the fact that the sediments, walls and formations are all white in color and this is enhanced by amazing reflections from the water’s surface in many places creating a mirror like effect where the reflections of the stalactites appear like a forest of spears in a crystal palace.


Access via Cenotes Dos Ojos
Price: 100 Mx Pesos for divers
Opening Hours:9 Am to 5 Pm (in Winter to 4:30 PM)
Snorkel site: Yes
Cavern divesite:Yes
Cave divesite: Yes
Entrance/Exit: easy through platforms and wooden steps.
Maximum Depth:7 m / 23 ft
Gear assembly tables: Yes
Distance from gear up area to the water: 50 mts
Temperature: 26 degrees celcius / 76 degree Fahrenheit
Changing and restrooms: yes , changing rooms and separated restrooms men/women