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Cenote Papakal
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Eknakán, México - Cenote Papakal Map

Cenote Papakal, "Mud Stains", is located south of the village of Eknakan and about 45 km southeast of Merida. The cave is reached over a dirt road passing by the ruins of an old hacienda. From the cave entrance, one enters a large underground chamber, about 50 m long, 40 m wide and with a floor to ceiling height of approximately 20 m. A breakdown slope at the back of this huge room descends to a clear water pool where a line of massive white stalactites, stalagmites and columns extend out into the lake. Underwater, the sloping floor of this pool, made up of sunken calcite rafts, heads southwest into a big passage, about 20 m wide and 4 m from floor to ceiling, eventually reaching a maximum depth of 31 m. At a penetration distance of about 140 m, the passage divides - to the south into a dead end chamber and to the east into a small side passage to the Camera de la Reina. A second but smaller passage, the Linea Muerte Ancestral, has been discovered leading out of the entrance cavern to the east. The submerged part of the cave consists of approximately 380 m of surveyed cave passage.