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Cenote Angelita
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Carr. Tulum-Chetumal Km. 17 , Tulum, México - Cenote Angelita Map

Guides are available and recommended at local dive shops, as this mystical experience requires a careful and knowledgeable approach.

The jungle here is thick and beautiful. Plants include vines and epifits like bromeliads, orchids and tillandisias flowering everywhere. Chit palms, copal trees (incense), ficus and others support toucans, trogans and kiskadees while hummingbirds tend to look you right in the eye as their wings slam the air at 90 bats a second. Animals such as jaguars, tejons (coati), peccaries, tapir and little deer call this jungle home.

After walking 150 m through thick jungle you will reach this picturesque circular cenote. This dive site is for advanced divers looking for something a little different, although snorkeling is also available. To describe it simply, this cenote does nothing else but go straight down. Fresh mineral water with unlimited visibility makes up the first 100 ft (30 m), where you can see some huge stalactites hanging from the edge. At 100 ft a layer of mystical hydrogen sulfate prevails, appearing like a big cloud from above and a strange colored hue from below. There are not many dives in the world where you can dive in the clouds at 100 feet and see trees, but this is one. Below the cloud is the warm salt water. It´s dark here, giving the diver the feeling of being in a forest at night.

A nice slow ascent allows you to explore the nooks and crannies of the perimeter while you spiral around on the way to the surface. Spiral (caracol) is represented by the letter "G" in the Mayan language. It represents ascension into other dimensions. Xibalba (pronounced "shee bal ba") is the Mayan word for inner world, represented metaphorically as the state of sleep and dreams or death. For the Maya people, cenotes such as Cenote Angelita are magical and powerful connections to our multidimensional universe. They represent our human relationships to duality: night and day, light and dark, hot and cold, sterility and fertility, life and death, death and rebirth. To scuba divers the feelings are very similar. The wonderful light above the salt water layer along with the the black darkness below, seem to magnify the ancient Maya feelings about cenotes.

Angelita is a dive for the experienced diver because of it´s depth. Most commonly it is dived to a depth of 40 m. This cenote is also possible for technical divers and decompression dives. Entrance is available only with experienced scuba guide from local dive shop. Rates vary...


Price: 150 Mx Pesos
Opening Hours:9 Am to 5 Pm (in Winter to 4:30 PM)
Snorkel site:No
Cavern divesite: yes (deep dive in a sinkhole with small cavern on the sites)
Cave divesite: No
Entrance/Exit: medium , entrance through a little jump and exit through rocks
Maximum Depth:59m / 193ft
Halocline: has a Hydrogen Sulfide layer at a depth around 28m of 2 m thickness. Held on the depth by the saltwater beneath.
Gear assembly tables: Yes
Distance from gear up area to the water: about 80 m
Temperature: 24 to 26 degrees celcius / 76 degree fahrenheit
Changing and restrooms:restrooms yes