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Av. Coba Sur, Crucero, Tulum, Mexico - Acuatic Tulum Map

Founded in 1993 by Alejandro Alvarez , civil engineer graduated from the “Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México” and active member of the Dive Team at the same college, tired of México City and it’s rough life style decide to try out a new way of living, back then in 1990, at the semi-virgin land of south east México and the Mexican Caribbean at the little community of Tulum.

Destiny had everything ready for a nice surprise offering him his first job on the tourism industry; the manager of “Cabañas Santa Fe”, his knowledge and previous experiences with diving gave him the tools to developed the first professional snorkeling and diving services of the area to the visitors of the zone, back then pretty much all “backpackers” opening to them and others the opportunity to visit and enjoy the “Great Mesoamerican Reef” (second largest barrier reef in the planet) and “the Original Tulum Dive Shop”, Acuatic Tulum was born.

Just like the destination, Tulum, Alex and Acuatic have evolved at pretty much the same pace. Alex is today a recognized and respected Dive Instructor of several dive techniques covering pretty much all areas of recreational, technical, and cave diving.

But he is also very proud of being recognized as “Cave Diving Explorer”. Open Water Scuba Instructor since 1995 and cave diver since 1996, a proud disciple of some of the most recognize pioneer Dive Instructors and Cave explorers of the region: Mike Madden and Chuck Stevens two of the highly qualified representatives of two of the largest dive agencies in the world PADI and NACD.

And just like the destination have grown, Alex has, becoming to be a cave dive instructor since 1999, and now belonging to a Cave Diving Team that use the most advanced dive techniques and technologies including the “DIR” (Doing It Right) philosophy and system.

The shop has grown from a simple facility where only certified divers could dive and non divers could only snorkel to a full Dive School that offers dive training, safe dive experiences and unforgettable dive adventures through all the different ecosystems that the unique Yucatan Peninsula has.

Offering something for the hardcore diver and something for those who never done it before” , “The Original Tulum Dive Center Acuatic Tulum, is the best option for your recreation, instruction or adventure while your visit to our destination.

We offer over 25 dive programs and over 3 different options for free divers (snorkelers) and we are only “teenagers”, our future shines.